Equipment Turn in and Board Elections

Date: December 3rd
Time: 5:00-7:00pm
Location: Ravensdale Fields

Football players - to prepare for equipment turn in please wash your game and practice pants, clean (gentle soap and water) and hang dry your pads, wipe out the inside of your helmet and chin staps - please do NOT remove the main "bears" sticker, but please do remove any other stickers applied this year - including the pink ribbon sticker and any paw stickers. Equipment deposit checks will only be returned if your equipment is cleaned. Players keep their socks, practice and game jerseys as well as the custom sweatshirts.

Cheerleaders - this is our final season for our current uniforms. As we prepare for a new uniform next season, we are offering a purchase option for the skirt and shell set for $20. This makes a great piece of memorabilia, especially for those who have proudly worn this uniform for many years! The purchase will also help in funding our new uniforms. All uniforms left over will be sold to a uniform refurbish company that provides cheerleader gear at a low cost to programs in need. If you would like to purchase, please bring $20 cash or check on the equipment turn in date only and you will be handed back your deposit check in return. If not, please return the cleaned shell and skirt to receive your deposit. All other uniform pieces are yours to keep. **Black Team Equipment turn in will be in January after competition season is over.

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