Become a Board Member

The Junior Bears Football & Cheer program is in its 45th season and is run by a 100% volunteer board.  This year alone we will have served over 450 athletes with our flag, 7on7, tackle football and cheer programs!  It takes a lot of dedicated volunteers to run the program.  If you have a passion for serving youth in our community we hope you will consider being a part of their future by getting involved in the Tahoma Junior Bears Football & Cheer program.

We are accepting applications for board positions for the 2025/26 term, applications can be found HERE (Both documents must be signed: Board Member Application, Expectations Acknowledgement.  Current board members interested in running for re-election should also submit a new application before the deadline.

For the November 2024 board elections these positions are up for election for 2025-26:

  •  President
  • Athletic Director
  • Secretary
  •  Director of Concessions
  • Cheer Director
  • Fundraising Director
  • Equipment Manager
  • Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Mediator

Completed applications for the 2025/26 positions must be submitted to no later than 5pm on November 7th.  Board elections take place at equipment/uniform turn in at Ravensdale location.

Expectations of Board Members

It is paramount that all candidates be willing to donate their time, energy and ideas while being a positive and professional role model for youth sports.

  • Board positions are a two year commitment. (unless noted)
  • Board Members are required to follow the NYFL Bylaws, TBJFC Bylaws and Codes of Conduct.
  • In addition to regular board positions requirements, Board Members are required to attend board monthly meetings
  • Board members are required to attend and participate in various program activities including but not limited too:
    • home games
    • all program registrations
    • summer camps
    • equipment handouts
  • Community events - TBJFC also has the opportunity to participate in various community events, either to promote the program, or to fundraise. Some events that may require participation are Maple Valley Days parade, Rhythm and Blues, Fourth of July.
  • Some Board members are required or encouraged to attend the NYFL meetings (Board meetings, Director meetings, etc.).

All elected positions are contingent upon successful completion of state and federal back ground checks.

Existing Board positions are as follows:

President (Executive Board)
Vice-President (Executive Board)
Treasurer (Executive Board)
Secretary (Executive Board)
Athletic Director (Executive Board)
Assistant Athletic Director (Executive Board)
Cheer Director (Executive Board)
Assistant Cheer Director (Executive Board)
Mediator (Executive Board)
Equipment Manager
Assistant Equipment Manager
Director of Fundraising/Publicity
Asst. Director of Fundraising/Publicity
Director of Concessions
Assistant Director of Concessions
Cheer Administrator
Apparel Director

For more information about positions requirements and a board application please email