Board of Directors

President - Ginny Ursprung
Vice President -Mechelle Augustin
Secretary - Jeri Montgomery
Treasurer - Amy Butala
Athletic Director - Jason Ursprung
Asst. Athletic Director - Andrew Charvet
Cheer Director - Adrienne Catchot
Asst. Cheer Director - Marissa Pozega
Cheer Administrator - Shavon De Leon
Mediator - Craig Norrie
Equipment Manager - Christian Reilly
Assistant Equipment Manager - Alex Macnab
Registrar - Elizabeth Newton
Director of Fundraising/Publicity - Chrissa Barr
Asst. Director of Fundraising/Publicity - Moon Compton
Apparel Director - Carrie Evenland
Director of Concessions - Crystal McNey
Asst. Director of Concessions - Kelsey Aaron

If you need to contact us, please email

If you are interested in joining the board or would like to learn more about what the expectations of board members are, click here.